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Niche Site Guy Keyword Research Service will help you sort for easy-to-rank long-tail keywords for your website or blog.

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We give you keywords that brings you customers

Do you want to get more customers and make more sales? Are you looking for affordable keywords? If your answer is yes, then our service is perfect for you. We provide the best keywords that are easy to rank, which will help you increase website traffic and improve your ranking in search engines.

Our Research Process 🔍

We help you find easy-to-rank keywords and deliver them to you and save you money and time. 

Topic Clustering

We take your topic or niche preference and break it into clusters. 

These clusters are now treated as topics that you will use in your site. 

However, if you have topics of your own, we will dive deeper.

Grouping and Differentiation

We group each topic cluster into 5 different categories in a spreadsheet. 

Furthermore gives us insight as to the groups of keywords we find using google suggests fall into. 

Keyword Refinement

This is the last process where we confirm and remove unwanted or hard-to-rank keywords from the Golden keywords which you can easily rank. 

Refinement is done with google and tools like SEMrush, KWE and Ahrefs combined.

Plans and Pricing



12 informational Keywords

6 Transactional Keywords

6 Commercial Keywords

20 Long Tail Keywords

12 Question Based informational Keywords

= 56 in Keywords total

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Shooting Star


18 informational Keywords

12 Transactional Keywords

12 Commercial Keywords

30 Long Tail Keywords

18 Question Based informational Keywords

= 90 in Keywords total

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Recommended 🏆

Top Star


25 informational Keywords

18 Transactional Keywords

18 Commercial Keywords

38 Long Tail Keywords

25 Question Based informational Keywords

= 124 in Keywords total

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Niche Site Guy?

Niche Site Guy is a platform where you can get any help regarding WordPress Web Development and keywords research service. We also offer SEO for local business who to get more customers

Can I get Refund for After Paying?

No, We don’t refund payments, you should read our refund policy agreement. before placing orders.

How Long Before a Service is Delivered?

Up to 48 hours, This is a human based service and to make sure you get the best out of the money you invested, we don’t like to rush or delay your work too.