Cheat Sheet to Find Winning Niche Sites Using #Ahrefs Content Explorer

Based on the poll I conducted on Twitter, six people voted, and it seems like the problem most face is choosing a niche.

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What are you struggling with when it comes to doing SEO?

Most people will charge you for this; lucky you, I am sharing it for FREE.

Getting Things Ready

Before you choose a niche, you want to check if there is anything for you to milk without doing guesswork.


Here is how to do it. I’ll use “RV” (recreational vehicle) for this guide as my main topic.


If you have an ahrefs subscription, good for you, and if you don’t have one. Consider subscribing; it costs about 99$ a month.


You will find a million-dollar niche with the cheat sheet I share with you.


Let’s Find That Gold 🏆


Step 1

Login to your ahrefs and navigate to the content explorer tab. Now plug in your keyword inside the search bar.


I will use RV and select where to check for the topic as “in the title,” then search.


Step 2

Toggle “Filter explicit results” on Click “Add filter” and set it according to the screenshot below.


Once done, click show results.

Or do this

  • Set your page traffic between 5k minimum
  • Set Domain rating to a max of 3. Hit show results

There you go

All of the ranking pages on google receiving free traffic for a topic they probably didn’t cover well.


Wait!!! That’s not all. Here is what to do next once you find something that works for you.


Step 3

Click the page and copy the URL. Then use the #ahrefs site explorer tool to extract all the keywords that the page is ranking for.


Research and write extensively about the product, service, or information and do it better than what was done on the ranking page.


It would be best to go for page ranking first with fewer referring domains. Say a page with 2 to 10 referring domains is okay.

A good example is the RV Parts page below.



You want to expand this one keyword that you found and establish one Niche site around it rather than just a blog post on your site.


It is more of a Macro Niche site than just another blog post.


Next Up is How to Properly do Keywords Research to Expand The Found Topic into A Complete Niche site.


There you have it.


I hope this article was helpful because I lost the link to the original content, and so far, this is all that plays in my head, and I hope it helps you too.


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Cheers to more rankings on Google 🥂

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